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Spray Tan

WELCOME TO TLC Health & Beauty

Imagine being able to have the perfect tan in just 5 minutes … Well now you can do just that at The Local Chemist with a professional SunFX salon spray tan.


Sunless tans are the healthy way to get that dating online rich bronzed tan that we all desire, and at The Local Chemist we care about your health.


You see SunFX spray tanning solutions are 100% all natural – they don’t contain any chemicals.


Prolonged sun exposure can quickly age your skin, causing it to dry out and wrinkle. It can even cause skin cancer. Spray on tans that use harsh chemicals and additives can also damage your skin causing it to look weathered and old.


But a SunFX all natural spray tan is the healthy sunless tanning alternative, offering perfect coverage for a fast, natural looking tan every time.


At The Local Chemist we give you the fastest, healthiest way to get the perfect all over tan.


So if you want the perfect spray tan don’t go to just any beauty salon, come to The Local Chemist for a professional spray-on tan.


Stunning Body Products

The Local Chemist offers more than just argumentessay.com/ the world’s best salon spray tans. We also offer a premium range of body care products.


To get the most out of your TLC Health & Beauty salon tanning experience, we recommend using our premium range of SunFX body products. Covering everything from pre-tanning treatments to post-tanning care, our professional range of body products will have you looking your tanned best for longer.