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Get That Golden Glow The Safe Way

There is always a ready debate about what a safe tan acctually is.

Whilst we all know that sitting for hours in the sun is not the answer, we are still confused about the facts so I’m here to help you out.

The Sun Tan

Vit-D is important for our bone health, It is recommended that we spend at least 30 minutes per day doing some form of outdoor activity wearing the appropiate clothing so that sunlight can actually seep through you’re skin. However, protective clothing and sunscreen are always a must.

When I think about people baking in the sun, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘why gamble with your own life?’ Skin Cancer is a serious matter and way too many cases are reported every year. Be sun safe people.

The Sunless Tan

Sunless tanning has come a long way from its early chemical-filled, orange-based days.

Here at The Local Chemist we use SUNFX, One of Australia’s safest and all Natural products that contain no alchohol, no artificial preservatives, no parabens, no perfumes and no odour. The colour is of premium standard, natural looking, with a sunkissed glow that everyone will envy. Rest assured you won’t be questioned on your spray tan, but rather¬† you will be complimented and have everyone thinking you’ve just come back from a luscious holiday.


My name is Eliana, I am one of the girls in charge of the Spray tanning here in our Condell Park store. I take pride in my spray tanning and always go through the colours available with our customers. Skin type is also always taken into consideration.

Bookings for spray tans are appreciated but if you’re just in the neighbourhood, feel free to pop in and one of our friendly staff members will be glad to help you; and when possible a spray tanning session can be provided to you on the spot.

If you are thinking of having a spray tan please wear loose Dark clothing, open shoes, no makeup and keep your hair up. If you can exfoliate prior to the session this will extend the life of your tan.


Any Questions? Feel free to drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.


Enjoy your day



Eliana Maugeri

The Local Chemist,

Condell Park

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